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Moulder Law is committed to serving the needs of employers as they navigate the complicated issues created by the Affordable Care Act.  Each attorney at our firm has read the Affordable Care Act cover to cover and closely monitored the corresponding regulations.  This attention to detail has given the firm unique insight into the legality of certain strategies under the Affordable Care Act as well as a keen understanding of the economics behind each strategy.

Moulder Law recognizes all businesses are under constant pressure to minimize expenses.  In an increasingly complex legal system many firms have failed to adjust to the new pressures placed on businesses.  The failure of most large firms to make the necessary adjustments has led to high prices for legal services provided to the clients these firms serve.

Each attorney at Moulder Law has followed the Affordable Care Act from its inception and are as knowledgeable, if not more so, about the Affordable Care Act as it relates to employers than the attorneys at the “prestigious” firms.  The only difference is our firm charges reasonable prices.

Moulder Law is committed to providing cost-effective, efficient services that serve the client’s needs.  The firm is well positioned with limited overhead expenses allowing for a reasonable fee structure while providing the highest quality work.Legal Consent

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