Practice Areas

Business Formation and Startups

The firm specializes in assisting companies make critical decisions while forming their business.  Our firm applies a combination of technical legal skills and business knowledge to help clients make the key decisions in the formation of their business.

The firm’s goal is to allow entrepreneurs to focus on growing their business while the firm customizes a business plan that provides flexibility for growth and changes in the future as the business evolves. While some decisions in structuring can be delayed, other decisions made during a business’s formation can commit the business to a course that cannot be changed without a significant cost. The firm’s objective is to provide a legal structure that will allow a business to operate effectively in both the short and long term.

Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation

The firm provides legal and consulting advice to clients regarding employee benefits and executive compensation issues.  The goal of the firm is to maximize the tax incentives for the employer while focusing on ways to create a benefit plan for the employer’s workforce that allows our clients to attract and retain the best talent.  The area continues to be a focus of new laws and regulations which the firm is committed to helping clients navigate, interpret, and create efficient action plans.

Employment Law

The firm regularly provides employment law advice to its clients.  We have drafted numerous employment contracts for key employees using the firm’s wealth of legal and business knowledge.  The firm is also capable of handling the termination of employees and the countless number of other issues that arise in an employment setting.  We view each employment situation as unique allowing us to provide customized solutions to best serve the client’s needs.

Estate Planning

The firm works with individuals of all backgrounds in planning for the distribution of assets during their life and after their death.  While death is an unpleasant thought, it is important to plan appropriately so your property is passed along to the people you care about most in an efficient manner.  The goal of the firm is to explain and counsel our clients with the options for estate planning so that when he/she dies the estate passes expeditiously to the intended beneficiaries.

Healthcare Reform

The firm provides consulting and legal advice on the impact of the Affordable Care Act (the Act) on employers.  The Act further complicates the decisions employers must make when deciding the health benefits to provide the employer’s workforce.  We work with our clients to explain the various options the Act allows and select a plan that will accomplish the employer’s needs.

Private Equity

The firm provides consulting services to private equity funds on a variety of issues.  We specialize in controlled group issues funds regularly encounter in their practice.  If proper planning is not utilized, private equity funds can run into aggregation issues that can lead to unnecessary costs affecting the funds return.  The firm can provide legal structures that protect the various entities in which the fund owns a position allowing the fund to maximize its return.


The firm assists clients in issues that arise in individual, partnership, and corporate tax.  We are committed to providing our clients advice that will minimize taxes in accordance with the Code.  While providing tax advice, the firm constantly balances the business considerations of each potential option.